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Power BI Data-driven Alerts Make Tracking Easier

Power BI provides a rich and powerful toolset for companies dealing with the loads of data that they process day in and day out. With multiple data-driven decisions to make, enterprises are relying heavily on automated tools to streamline their operations. Power BI has a suite of services that help a business analyst meet the demands of the job and keep the executives updated on all data changes.

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The Best 3 Ways Your Business Benefits from Microsoft Power BI Tools

Business Intelligence is a necessary component of any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve. However, managing the mounds of data compiled can leave your head spinning. Thankfully, Microsoft Power BI tools allow your business to easily create reports and dashboards, leading to well-managed business intelligence. Moreover, these power BI tools generate information based on real-time events. Using these tools for automatic reporting allows businesses to make decisions promptly.

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3 Ways SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions Can Be Customer Driven

Customers want to have it their way in all things, including the way they view relevant information. Users want their reports (invoices, sales slips, system snapshots) to be presented in the format they want, showing only the information relevant to their needs, and delivered to the location of their choice. On demand reporting environments naturally give users this level of customization to their reporting. Can the same “have it your way” mentality be applied to a scheduled report environment? Let’s look at a few ways SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions let customers and users get reports any way they want them.

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What is a Power BI Dashboard?

A Power BI dashboard is a digital canvas which uses data visualizations to tell a story. Business analysts across various organizations use a Power BI dashboard to display the most important aspects of business data. Likewise, you can utilize elements of Power BI reports to create these dashboards. Additionally, you can view and share Power BI dashboards on mobile phones; however, you can’t create them on the smartphones.

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What Is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service which provides interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards. You can use these tools for business analysis within the company. It is a great service which can enhance your data reporting and data-based decision making. Even non-technical business users can use power BI tools and services for analyzing, visualizing and sharing data.

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