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How to Email Crystal Reports From Multiple Email Accounts

Imagine the following scenario: Your Logistics Department needs all inventory and fulfillment reports sent from their email address. Your Sales Group wants daily sales reports to come from a separate email address. Meanwhile, invoices need to be sent from the Customer Service Teams' own email address. The problem? Your current Crystal Reports distributor only allows for one email account.

Here at ChristianSteven Software, we have your solution. Our Crystal Reports Distributor (or CRD) software allows multiple SMTP accounts to be created and used. This gives the reporting admin the capability to automatically email Crystal Reports from any account at any time.

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How To Batch Crystal Reports For Delivery

Distributing one Crystal Report to a person or group of people can be easily managed by most Crystal Reports Scheduler software, but what happens when a group of reports need to be delivered? Do the recipients get 10 different emails containing reports? Does the user need to get several different variants of the same report? How can a reporting administrator make delivering and viewing reports more manageable without re-writing or condensing Crystal Reports?

Topics: Crystal Reports Scheduler Crystal Reports CRD