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Do You Use A Dynamic Tool to Schedule Crystal Reports?

Do you use a dynamic tool to schedule Crystal reports?  Crystal reports is an application that is used to process and produce reports from a wide range of data sources. With Crystal Reports Distribution software or CRD, the running and generation of crystal reports becomes less complicated and consumes less time. Thus, allowing  your company to save time and money.Do You Use A Dynamic Tool to Schedule Crystal Reports? | CRD

CRD is an efficient Crystal Report Scheduler. It gives the option of producing the reports in formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, RTF, Acrobat, RPT or text format. All you need to do is choose a format, set up a schedule, state how frequently you need to run each report, and the particular destination of the report. If the reports are to be sent to a specific destination, that can also be set up as part of the automated delivery when the reports are generated. You can also generate and distribute Crystal Reports by setting schedules to run when specific events occur rather than a date or time.

In addition, real time monitoring can also be added to a Crystal Reports distribution process with the event based scheduling option. The reports can be sent off when a database value triggers the system, when a file is modified, or an email is received or sent. With this dynamic Crystal Reports scheduler process, business process management becomes easier while business owners are assured of timely and error free reporting in all units of the organization.

With dynamic tools like CRD, you can also schedule the same report to run and be sent multiple times with distinct parameters, formats, frequencies, and destinations. They can also be run at different frequencies which could be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. The Explorer like interface of CRD makes it a breeze to define and schedule report packages. The right click menu and copy-paste support makes it simple to manage complex distribution schedules. 

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