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How to Expertly Automate Your Company Reports Using Power BI

Data is extremely important to your company, whether you’re talking about sales or marketing. Data is utilized in everyday decision making and also by upper management for both company and employee growth. Whether you are asking for more budget or resources, data reports help you justify your requests.

Automate Your Company Reports Using Power BI

Here are three tips for automating your company reports using Power BI:

  • Design reports and dashboards with Power BI
  • Get the right reports to the right people
  • Use scheduling tools to generate & deliver Power BI reports at the right time

Design Dashboards with Power BI

Power BI also gives you the capability to visualize your company data in various charts and graphical formats using dashboards. Dashboards are another great medium to keep the employees of a large company on the same page. You can track your company goals and various metrics and KPIs on a Power BI dashboard. You can even use dashboards as presentation material during business meetings to arrive at conclusions and make business decisions.

Get the Right Data in the Right Hands

There are multiple challenges that a business analyst faces in the business intelligence world. Without the use of efficient reports and tools, you may have the right data but it may not reach the right audience in time. When dealing with sales and marketing reports, it is crucial to have all the data in front of you to make informed decisions. There may be multiple departments and officials that need to have the data reports delivered to them to analyze and proceed further.

Tools Make Scheduling Easier

Power BI reports help you compile your data and visualize it in an efficient manner. You may want to automatically schedule your Power BI reports, especially if you have a large company with multiple departments. Additionally, depending on how often your data changes, you will have to schedule a timely delivery of your reports to the interested recipients.


PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler) is ChristianSteven Software offering and can help you automate Power BI reports. Using PBRS, you can choose triggers to generate reports and distribute them. You can also automate Power BI reports to be delivered in multiple formats and various destination formats.

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