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Get Efficient With Data Driven Subscription In Power BI

Business intelligence solutions continue to take data-driven decision making to the next level for most organizations. Enterprises are churning loads of data every day and have an important need to process this data for tracking their goals. Additionally, reports and dashboards are an integral part of conducting business for employees at these companies. However, data can sometimes be overwhelming if not processed and delivered in the right manner.

Data Driven Subscription in Power BI

How Data Driven Subscriptions Help

Large corporations have multiple departments and large amount of data for these different divisions. However, not everyone needs to be updated on all the data changes. The more customized and targeted you can get with the distribution of data reports, the more efficient your job becomes.

A data driven subscription allows you to use real-time data to create an optimized report delivery. This is a very powerful feature to use for business analysts to generate and distribute reports and dashboards. For instance, your sales department may be handling multiple customers. If you can target your reports such that they reach sales representatives handling a particular customer, it will be much more useful than distributing it across the board.

Advanced Data Driven Functionality with Power BI

Power BI tools, like PBRS, can work with different data sources within your organization. You can configure your Power BI reports to use data driven scheduling and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Use PBRS's unique data driven schedule processes to parse through your company’s database and find the filter values to use. These values can then be used to generate and deliver a unique report for your recipients.

With such advanced functionality, your Power BI reports can become a lot more useful and enhance your decision making capabilities. Furthermore, it allows for heightened productivity and a focused approach towards business intelligence. Power BI offers a lot of advanced visualization techniques that bring your data to life and make your analysis much easier than before.

Businesses and organizations that use data driven solutions as an integral part of daily functions can improve efficiency with PBRS's Power BI data-driven subscriptions. The ability to target reports and distribute them with ease allows the process of making decisions flow smoothly and quickly. Don’t let the overwhelming mounds of data slow you down when it comes to finalizing decisions. 

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