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How Can We Filter Data in Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a functionally rich toolset that can satisfy all your business intelligence needs. Moreover, you can utilize various filters in Power BI to sort data and information based on your selected criteria. Filters can be very useful if you are processing a lot of data for your organization, and your users have varied needs and requirements. Using filters, you can select particular values within fields and view only the information that interests you.

Types of Filters in Power BI

How Can We Filter Data in Power BI

There are different kinds of filters in Power BI. For instance, visual-level filters are applied to visualizations. Such filters are applied to data and calculations within the visualization. Page-level filters are used for a particular page within a report. Using these filters, you can apply certain filter conditions on a selected page within a report. Moreover, each page in a report can have a different filter applied to it. On the other hand, report-level filters can be used to the entire report, and will apply to each page of the report.

Applying Filters in Power BI

How you use the filter depends on the field to which you are applying it and how the data is represented for that field. If your field is a measure and contains numeric values, then the filter will show the filtering criterion for number. You can choose from "is less than,” "is greater than," "is equal to," etc. After selecting your criteria, you can also specify a numeric value, such as 1000 or 500, etc.

If your field has textual value, then filtering will be normal. You will be given a list of all the available values in the selected field, and you can make your selection. After making your selection, you can click on 'Apply filter.'

You can also apply a filter to a specific page of a report. In order to do so, you can drag and drop the field of your interest into the page level filter section. Additionally, to apply a filter to the entire report, you can use report level filters. You can drag and drop a field from the fields section into the report level filters section.

Power BI Can Work For You

You can efficiently work with filters in Power BI Desktop and apply filters of your choice on the data of your report. Power BI is an interactive tool, and when you use filters, it can instantly react to the filters and give you a real-time report.

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