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Is Power BI Free To Use?

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization software whose adoption is proliferating among data-based companies. If you are building a business intelligence portfolio, Power BI is undoubtedly a tool that you should be considering since it comes with several useful features. There are three types of Power BI versions that you can consider investing in: Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium.

Power BI Free

Is Power BI Free To Use

As the name suggests, Power BI Free is free to use and is included in all Office 365 Plans. You can sign up for Power BI Free and it comes with sufficient functionality, which allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources. There is no limit or restriction on use, other than the amount of data that you can pull in. Moreover, you can clean and prepare your data, and you can also build any number of visualizations by using Power BI Free. Whatever visualization is available in Power BI Pro is available in Power BI Free.

Power BI Pro

If you want more features, you may want to consider paying for Power BI Pro. It would cost you $9.99/user/month. By using Power BI Pro, you get some additional features. For instance, if your data resides on-premise, you can connect to this data and analyze it. You also get more data storage with Power BI Pro. While the free version allows you 1GB per user, Power BI Pro allows you up to 10GB per Pro license.

Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium is meant for corporations since it is not a type of user license. Large organizations can invest in Power BI Premium and have a powered server running their environment. This kind of setup gives you flexibility and efficiency with your own processing environment, so other users cannot slow you down. Moreover, you get more storage with this setup - up to 100 TB of data storage. Additionally, Power BI Premium enables you to work with datasets up to 50 GB in size.

You have several choices based on your business intelligence needs. Power BI Free is quite functional, but it comes with its limitations, which may not be relevant for your needs. No matter which Power BI version you invest in, you will gain a powerful ability to analyze your data and create visualizations for better decision-making. With reports and dashboards, your users can make better use of all your data, and you can bring efficiency into your business operations.

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