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SQL Server On Demand BI Reporting Helping The Enterprise Stay Nimble

Every organization has certain quirks that make it unique, so finding the right business intelligence as a service (or BI-as-a-Service) solution means a lot. It should take those quirks into account, offering a thoroughly complete and customizable solution. One of the primary functions of most BI solutions is to provide data analytics, with the type of analyses required being dependent on an organization's goals. With IntelliFront™ Business Intelligence (BI), you get an all-in-one On-Demand BI Reporting solution that is fully customizable to fit your organization's unique situation.

On Demand BI Reporting

What Is IntelliFront Business Intelligence?

Designed to enhance Microsoft®'s SQL Server SSRS and BI, IntelliFront BI is a web-based data analytics and business intelligence solution that creates and shares your reports, key performance indicators (KPIs), and dashboard reporting—all in a single easy-to-use portal. IntelliFront BIcontinues to underpin centralized management and control over business intelligence assets while underlining self-help resources for providing SQL Server reports and dashboards.

Designed with on-premise implementation in mind, IntelliFront BI allows you to quickly create static and real-time reports in a browser-based admin module; easily share those reports with management, fellow team members, and stakeholders via their own secure user portal. It mitigates corporate risk by employing a high availability architecture and advanced security features—single sign-on, active directory integration, and two-factor authentication comes standard. On top of that, IntelliFront BI’s built-in Application Security allows collaboration and sharing with external users without undermining your organization's security protocols.

Does IntelliFront BI Replace Existing Investments?

Rather than replacing existing software or services, IntelliFront BI merely boosts and expands the potentiality of SQL Server reporting. It achieves this at less cost than other third-party Microsoft® Power PI solutions. A streamlined business process along with instant cost savings results in a shorter ROI period. IntelliFront BI offers KPIs, real-time data streaming, business process automation, data-driven subscriptions, and report scheduling on a single platform—no need to replace your existing investments.

How Is the IntelliFront BI Better Than Other Solutions?

IntelliFront BI is a single solution designed for organizations with far-flung locations. It simplifies the sharing of data for real-time updates on the cloud across multiple networks. Non-technical users can use various tools to generate real-time dashboards while allowing IntelliFront BI to manage triggered, on-demand, and scheduled reports. In addition to that, it handles intelligence distribution requirements for your partners, suppliers, and customers.

Why Is On-demand BI Reporting Such a Big Deal?

While forecasting and BI reporting is a customary procedure for optimizing inventory workflow, it has numerous use cases across every known industry. This is even true when use cases aren't yet known. On-demand BI forecasting and reporting is a central business process, including non-profit organizations. Things such as capacity planning, financial planning, budgeting, sales, and marketing rely on BI reporting. The faster an organization can obtain such data the better. This is what makes on-demand BI reporting such a big deal.

The bigger an organization, the slower things change. A great analogy is that of a large battleship and the wide turns it makes. Due to its wide turn radius, early target acquisition is critical. Historically, such an analogy was befitting of big business, as getting information into the right hands could be inefficient and time-consuming. Today, however, like a modern-day battleship, organizations have plenty of sophisticated tools at their disposal. Slow turns in today's business world typically mean there is a lack of real-time information.

Similar to advanced sonar technology, Power BI and IntelliFront Business Intelligence software allow organizations of all sizes to make important decisions faster. On-demand BI reporting is simplistic, more reliable, and able to be automated. This means organizations can focus more on the dissemination of important information to stakeholders rather than on arduous processes.
On-demand and accurate forecasts are crucial to making significant organizational decisions. For example, imagine an organization that predicts demand growth, resulting in liberal quarterly or yearly budgets. However, rather than growth, demand shrinks. The consequences are wide-ranging, none of them beneficial to anyone involved. On top of that, on-demand BI forecasting and reporting relies on huge amounts of data; they're often customized to meet an organization's specific situation, making them proprietary.

With advances in technology, many organizations now rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) programs designed to handle the heavy demand of forecast calculations. This saves time and manpower once spent on manual calculation and produces more accurate and reliable forecasts and reports. And once an AI and/or ML model is built, they're capable of updating themselves—total and complete automation of on-demand reporting. This means that you're always provided with real-time predictions that include any new and available data. At this point in the game, organizations are in an arms race to obtain the AI/ML-powered on-demand BI reporting technology.

Some advantages of demand forecasting and planning include:

  • A positive impact on your working capital.
  • Make better use of that capital in hiring better talent, purchasing needed equipment, facility upgrades, better marketing campaigns, along with many other things.
  • Plan and forecast your inventory better.
  • Report and track stocks in real-time.
  • Gain complete oversight of the business and help in more solid decision-making.
  • Avoid overstocking or under-stocking.
  • Forecast the product demands of your customers in advance and better meet their expectations.
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Build long-term relationships through reliability.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

From entry-level employees to executives, decision-making is the most critical aspect of any organization. While most decisions qualify as routine, others require long and deliberate contemplation. Organizational leaders have long used formal decision-making methods and tools to organize their thoughts and ideas, as well as to circumvent common fallacies like sunk cost bias and extrapolation. Strategic planning techniques have aided in these efforts by allowing business owners and managers to realize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with project planning and/or competitors.

For those operating in logistics, financial services, and manufacturing, a marginal lag in BI reporting can translate into considerable losses. On the flip side, having access to real-time data permits decision-makers the means to navigate the "rapids" of an ever-changing market, no matter how choppy the current gets.

Final Thoughts

IntelliFront BI is a web-based Data Analytics and Business Intelligence application designed to save you, your organization, and your clients valuable time and money. Using a single easy-to-use portal, it creates and shares your BI Reports, KPIs, and Dashboards. Quickly create both static and real-time reports via the web-based admin module; easily share your reports with management, staff, stakeholders, or anyone else privy in a secure user portal.

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