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How to Quickly Increase Efficiency with Scheduled Power BI Emails

When your organization is working with large sets of data, it can be daunting to process all this data and analyze it efficiently. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful Business Intelligence tool that can help you analyze your data and create insightful reports. It can also help you build smart dashboards for your enterprise.

Take Advantage of Scheduled Power BI Emails

Who Needs Power BI Features

Power BI is especially useful to business analysts who need to send or receive regular updates on the most recent business intelligence data. If you need to broadcast BI data or share with several other users, Power BI is your answer. If you are an operations manager responsible for a variety of business areas and have to send updates on several metrics to different executives, you can definitely make your life easier with Power BI features.

Sharing Your Power BI Reports

Power BI allows you to share reports and collaborate. Power BI scheduled emails can be very helpful in sharing reports and dashboards with key stakeholders in your organization. Moreover, you can schedule Power BI reports to be delivered to all user email accounts via subscriptions.

Once you configure a Power BI subscription, you can send an updated snapshot of your dashboard or report page to all relevant users. Some users may need to drill down further into the Power BI reports. For such users, you can include a link to access the underlying data in your reports. Power BI scheduled email subscriptions will also include the frequency of how often these reports are to be sent to the recipients.

Use Scheduling Tools

When you use scheduling tools, you can simplify your business intelligence tasks and be more efficient. ChristianSteven Software offers one such scheduling tool called PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler). This tool can further add to the benefits of using Power BI. PBRS can help you automate the scheduling and distribution of Power BI reports. It also helps you configure various destination types and report format preferences for all of the recipients.

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