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3 Brilliant Reasons To Share Data With Microsoft Power BI Email

Microsoft Power BI can transform your company’s Business Intelligence data into actionable information. It can help you develop dashboards and visual reports making it easy for you to understand and analyze data for better decision-making. One of the best ways to share this valuable information with the decision makers is through Power BI email.

Share Data with Microsoft Power BI Email | PBRS

1. Sharing within the Company

With Power BI email scheduling feature, you can configure Power BI software to distribute emails within your organization. You can also configure how often you want the decision makers to receive the emails. Depending on how often your business data changes and how often your recipients want to be informed, you can set the frequency of email updates.

Your email updates will come only as regularly as your data refreshes but no more than once a day. Therefore, if you have non-critical data that only changes once a week, you will only receive an email once a week.

2. Sharing outside the Company

Microsoft Power BI email capability also allows you to share content with users, using their personal email accounts. As a result, it makes it easier to share data with people outside of your organization, which can be useful in many situations. For instance, if you’re a service provider, you might need to provide reports and dashboards to your clients securely. If your clients prefer to use personal email addresses, like Yahoo Mail or Gmail, you can share reports with them using the Power BI email feature.

3. Benefits of Power BI Email Scheduling

The benefit of sharing a Power BI report using email is that you can target and customize each report for a specific individual, group, department, or an entire organization as needed. Using Power BI email capabilities, sharing the data with relevant individuals is quick and efficient. It also avoids email clutter and overload of information and helps the individuals focus better.

Power BI email scheduling from tools like PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler) provides the flexibility to customize your reports and at the same time keep all the decision makers informed.  

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