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Your Perpetual PBRS Report License Goes Beyond Usage Rights

Software purchases include a license to use the applications and services. Marketers often convey the messaging for these products with a distinct slant. The purchaser has the privilege to use the product according to company terms, but rarely with the additional features (at least without considerable upgrades) that enhance the overall value of the product through improved functionality and productivity for your business concern.

That's why customers often find themselves thrilled at the Perpetual PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler) Report License, which offers the ultimate in supporting your BI activities and efforts. The Perpetual PBRS Report License delivers a behind-the-scenes engine that will turbocharge your Power BI capabilities and effectiveness through intelligent and intuitive automation suitable to your particular business needs.

Your Perpetual PBRS Report License Goes Beyond Usage Rights

Features and Benefits of Your Perpetual PBRS Report License

Many users who get on board with the Perpetual PBRS Report License quickly discover its surface value, finding it both cost-effective and relevant to ongoing business needs and evaluations. It isn’t until they begin to witness its value over time that its wider-reaching benefits emerge and are fully appreciated, often making it the primary weapon in your BI arsenal. While your business becomes more accustomed to the varied talents of your Perpetual PBRS Report license, this application is also at work, learning the nuances of your enterprise, grasping driving factors, identifying core players, collecting data, and analyzing activities. Through this process, seamless integration between application and people power begins and grows, which is further facilitated by these features:

  • Easy and Affordable Start-Up - based on Microsoft's BPRS, your Perpetual PBRS Report License provides an interface that is intuitively easy to learn and is considered one of the most cost-effective solutions by Gartner Magic Quadrants.
  • Customizable Outputs - getting the information in the right hands involves delivering in the proper format, so the seemingly unlimited methods of communication are inspiring and include (among other types):
    - Disks and Folders
    - Email
    - Fax
    - FTP/FTPS
    - Microsoft SharePoint
    - ODBC/Database
    - Printers
    - SMS
  • Full Functionality - you get off the ground running without ever encountering features that require unlocking by purchasing additional licenses or premier services.
  • Multiple Schedule Types - choose between the following job scheduling tasks:
    - Automation Schedules
    - Data-Driven Schedules
    - Event-Based Schedules and Packages (groups of event-based schedules)
    - Package or Single Report Schedules
  • Power BI and SSRS Distribution - fully automate tasks like filtering, distributing, and delivering relevant and timely reports.
  • Superior Annual Maintenance Services - on top of all major and minor upgrades being performed at no extra cost, setting up and getting started is equally simple because included in your Perpetual PBRS Report License includes FREE:
    - Basic Training
    - Setup
    - Tech Support
  • Unlimited Features - whereas other applications offer one or two unlimited features, Perpetual PBRS Report License doesn't hold back, but instead allows unlimited:
    - Administrators
    - Cores/Processors
    - Recipients
    - Users

Believe it or not, this simply scratches the surface of a deeply developed and fully realized application devoted to bringing accurate business intelligence to the forefront of your enterprise. As you explore and build your skill sets, you can learn how to adopt more features. You will find ways to tap into its ability to mix and match valuable data. Reports pull from as many as 100 unique data sources, resulting in accurate and impressive cross-organizational relevance and value. Finally, always keep your eyes peeled for discounts, coupons, and special offers to push your business closer and faster to the goals and success you envision in your future while saving more money.


Pricing Models for a Perpetual PBRS Report License

As might be expected for a superior Perpetual PBRS Report License, ChristianSteven offers various price models. This flexibility simplifies the process of finding the model that meets the demands of your operations. Therefore, pricing for a Perpetual PBRS Report License will fall into one of these categories:

  • Power BI Premium - supports capacity nodes (EM3/A3, P1/A4, P2/A5, P3/A6, P4, P5), with pricing based upon capacity nodes used by your company.
  • Power BI Pro - with no capacity nodes, pricing is based upon peak outputs.
  • Government Agencies - offers preset pricing for all governmental agencies.
  • SQL Server SSRS - pricing is based upon peak outputs
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition with Software Assurance - pricing is based upon peak outputs


Getting Started On Your Own Perpetual PBRS Report License Is Quick and Easy

Now that you have been provided a glimpse at the power and potential profit-making capacity of the Perpetual PBRS Report License, you may be wondering how exactly to integrate it into your business model and structure it for optimal performance, as well as specific costs for getting started.

If you want to dive deeper and would like an expert to walk you through more of this application’s intricacies, setting up an appointment is as easy as completing this contact form. You can also run your cost estimates by visiting the Perpetual PBRS Report License pricing page, where you can select the type of infrastructure within which your enterprise operates, or completing the Price Quote Request form found at the bottom of that page.

Either way, now is the time to get your ChristianSteven Software, Perpetual PBRS Report License; then watch your revenues and corporate spirits rise in unison.

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