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How To Get Started With SSRS Reporting

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a Business Intelligence feature included in the SQL Server. It is used to design, develop, test, and deploy reports. For ease of use, SSRS reports are displayed in a web page format. This also makes them easy to use in your presentations. You can also share them with upper management, clients, and vendors.


Preparing SSRS reports

You will need to install SSRS and configure reporting services website and associated tools before you start generating reports. Anyone with limited experience can use SSRS tools and create a very professional looking SSRS report. SSRS reports are always up to date with data changes and can reach a larger audience of decision makers in your organization.

SSRS Reports

You can get very creative with SSRS reports and their visuals. You can expand and compress sections in the report so that you change the detail levels. It also allows you to add links to fields within your document to show sub-reports. You can use different colored fonts and sizes, bold headings, borders and various other visual options.

In addition, you can also create menus and subcategories. These tools help you organize your SSRS reports by different products, features, and sub-divisions within your organization. For instance, creating reports for the Sales organization or the Finance department can be easily configured using SSRS.

Sharing SSRS Reports

SSRS reports are displayed in a web page format and are therefore easily accessible to your company’s decision makers. With the proper network setup and firewall configurations, it is also possible to share the SSRS web page with people outside your organization. Your networking framework can be configured to allow your collaborators to view the reports with a secured login. You can configure advanced security settings and control who can access your SSRS reports. Most importantly, SSRS reports are for viewing only; no one can add their own edits.

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