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Merge SSRS Report Output With PBRS Package Schedule

Imagine that the management team needs to receive 10 weekly status reports that include finances, inventory, sales etc. As usual, you have 10 subscriptions setup that deliver these reports. Everything is working just fine, then suddenly management decides that they no longer want to fuss with 10 different reports and 10 different emails. Instead, they want one document that encompasses all the weekly information they need. Great, now you have to write a whole new report, deploy it, and then set up the subscriptions all over again. Or do you? Using PBRS's Package Schedule, you can merge SSRS report output into a single PDF, text, or Excel file without the need to change the reports.

Merge SSRS report output

Setting Up a Package Schedule

A package schedule is easy to set up. Simply follow these steps:

  1. In PBRS, click on the Package Schedule Wizard. Name your package and select the schedule for your report.
  2. In the Reports tab, click Add to add a report. Enter your Reporting Service URL, and then browse to the report you wish to add to the package.
  3. Next select your parameters if needed and click OK.

You have now added your first report! You can add as many reports as needed. You can add reports to the package from multiple SSRS environments too. Once you have added all of your reports, you can use the up and down arrows to arrange them.

Merge SSRS Report Output

Now comes the merging bit. At the bottom of your reports list, you have the options to merge SSRS report output into a text file, PDF, or Excel file. If you merge the reports into a single PDF file, each report will have its own bookmark. If you merge them into an Excel file, each report will have its own tab in the Excel workbook. When the reports are generated, they will be rendered and merged into the desired format, then delivered to the recipients via email, disk, SharePoint, etc. Finish the package by setting your destination, exception handling settings, and adding tasks if needed.


Now that painful request from management just made your life even easier than it was before! If management requests more reports, simply add that report to the package. With the package schedule you can condense 10 separate subscriptions into one easily managed batch, while making it easy for your recipients to use the reports. 

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