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Top 8 Factors to Consider for the Right BI Solution Part 1: Secure & Pure

If you are tired of running into administrative bottlenecks and inefficient systems, consider using our self-service business intelligence software, CSS BI Solution. Sophisticated yet simple, the CSS BI Solution is flexible and can be scalable to fit your specific business needs. It enables you to connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise and centrally manage all of your report distribution. We've come up with the top 8 factors to consider when choosing a BI solution for your business. These are our first two factors:Top 8 Factors to Consider for the Right BI Solution Part 1: Secure & Pure

1.Secure...yet available from anywhere: The solution should be built from the security framework up

Your data is your greatest asset. Because of this, the number one factor to consider when evaluating a BI solution is its security framework. Ask yourself these questions:
1. Does the software provide several layers of role-based access management protocols?
2. Does it integrate with Windows Active Directory to allow you to immediately terminate access at the time an employee leaves your organization?
3. Does it restrict report parameters, encrypt the report output, require authentication prior to report access, and apply an expiration date?
A business intelligence solution worthy of investment should be both flexible enough to allow authorized individuals to access it from anywhere and 100% able to proof from tampering, reverse engineering, and intrusion. It will include a comprehensive audit system that tracks every user action and keeps records of every system action.

2.Pure...your data has the highest integrity: The solution must ensure data integrity and compliance. 

An equally important component of your data’s security is its integrity and compliance to industry standards. If you encounter one minor user error, you're unable to gain manager access, or you miss a regulation, you can easily end up paying the cost on multiple levels. With this in mind, your BI solution must be highly configurable to fit your business compliance standards such as HIPAA, FERPA, and SOX as well as the compliance needs of your infrastructure.
Find out if the solution has the ability to archive report data with the exact run time it is generated by the system, user, or administrator. Investigate its disaster recovery options to ensure the system will recover from major failures and data loss. Last, but not least, request a detailed analysis of the solution's scalability functions to determine its ability to accommodate your organization’s traffic and load balancing needs.
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