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What To Look For In An SSRS Replacement

Are you ready for an SSRS replacement? You have plenty of options, but keep in mind that not all products provide the same benefits or results. Since any business intelligence solution is ultimately about results, it’s essential to review a potential replacement for your SSRS with the same scrutiny you used to choose your primary BI software. The two most critical elements you should look for are automation and access.What to Look for in an SSRS Replacement | | IntelliFront BI | SSRS


Whatever work your system performs on its own is work you do not have to pay for. Apart from the upfront costs of purchasing an SSRS replacement, automation costs nothing more than the electricity you use to power your computer. Every automated task reduces the labor time employees have to dedicate to the basics of business intelligence. This also includes data hunting and report generation. Features like scheduling and event triggers help businesses of any size manage costs and improve BI results.

Products like IntelliFront BI offer a host of automated functions to improve efficiency. The Business Process Automation module actually comes standard. Scheduling tools help you manage any type of regular report, no matter how complicated or sensitive. Various features make it easy to adjust security for recipients and deliver your report in file types and forms that best suit the individual members of your audience.

Although you may already be looking for scheduling options in your SSRS replacement, make sure you look for other great features like event triggered reports, too. These services allow you to virtually monitor critical data sets without ever having to run an extra report or check your dashboard. Just specify your event trigger, and whenever the associated data set changes, programs like IntelliFront BI will generate and send you a report. Although this feature is always useful, it’s especially important for growing businesses, busy sales seasons, and times of transition.

Ease of Access

Your SSRS replacement needs to offer more than just a few new features. A suitable replacement should dramatically improve ease of access. Since access determines who can use your investment, and how efficiently they use it, this may be the most critical aspect of your new program. IntelliFront BI is an excellent example of an SSRS replacement with superior access. Rather than using scattered dashboards to handle various tasks and tools, InteliFront BI provides a single portal for access to everything. It includes scheduling tools, event trigger settings, and more.

One of the best features is part of the program’s dashboards. As crucial as reports are, sometimes you have to run them just to get KPI information. With IntelliFront BI’s real-time dashboards, you can check your KPIs with less waste. You do not need a report, and you can rest assured that the numbers you see are perfectly accurate.

Does the replacement of SSRS that you’re considering stand up to these criteria? Your choice will define how you use your BI tools for the foreseeable future, so consider carefully before making a final investment. Make sure the product will deliver the results your business demands. 

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