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Christian Ofori-Boateng

Christian Ofori-Boateng

Christian Ofori-Boateng has served as ChristianSteven Software's Chief executive since the company's inception in 2002.

Christian Ofori-Boateng conceived ChristianSteven Software as a solution provider to create and market easy-to-use and intuitive applications specifically for information management and database reporting. The first product, CRD was designed to provide unusual, flexible functionality and capabilities to business with a need to generate and distribute large quantities of business reports on a regular basis. The latest product, PBRS, allows users to produce the same mass export & deliver capability for Power BI & SSRS reports

Today, with over 1,000 clients in 47 countries, ChristianSteven Software specializes in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, reporting, report distribution, report scheduling, dashboards & automating business processes.

From scheduled BI report delivery to browser-based Data Analytics & mobile-enabled dashboards, the magic sauce is in our proprietary business process automation experience & know-how that leverages business rules, workflows & instant notification capabilities built right into our Business Intelligence, Data Analytics & report distribution solutions.

Recent Posts by Christian Ofori-Boateng:

What Is Power BI Desktop?

Microsoft Power BI Desktop is a free software application that you install on your computer to connect to, transform, and visualize your organizational data. The power of this application comes from enabling you to connect to multiple different sources of data. Additionally, you can combine them into a data model that allows you to build visuals. This means you can collect various visuals and turn them into powerful reports that can be shared within or outside of your enterprise.

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8 Powerful Ways Data Analytics Is Making You Binge on Netflix

Netflix, it seems, has the magic formula that has raised the company valuation to over $164 billion. It has passed Disney as the most valued media company on the planet. Some of its additional victories include:

  • A 93 percent retention rate compared to Hulu's 64 percent and Amazon Prime's 75 percent
  • Having 151 million subscribers
  • Making wildly successful original TV shows and movies
  • Identifying what their audience wants

So, what's Netflix's secret? The answer is big data and analysis. To be more precise, the secret is how Netflix collects this data and how it implements data analytics models to eke-out customer behavior and buying patterns. The information Netflix harvests is transforming the entire entertainment industry.

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Everything You Need To Know About SSRS Subscriptions

Automate, Schedule & Deploy SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions

Hundreds of companies of varying verticals and sizes rely on SQL Server’s reporting system. Known as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), it is used to design and generate reports on a scheduled or adhoc basis. SSRS has a basic scheduler designed for simple automated report distribution, but what if your business requires complex event driven and data driven subscriptions? What if you not only needed to automate SQL reports, but you require tasks to be automated such as database updates or system alerts? In the first part of this blog, I will discuss how SSRS automated report generation, Data Driven Subscriptions, and business process automation using PBRS can solve this problem.

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What are KPI’s and how can your business use them?

Benefits of Using Power BI

KPI’s are essential to any business, small or large, both to cut costs and grow, and track any other quantitative or qualitative measures within the organization. In this article, we discuss what KPIs are, how they came to be, and how your business can use KPIs successfully.

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SSRS Reports: Everything You Need To Know

Reasons to use SSRS to Design, Generate, and Deploy Business Reports

SQL reporting services is a server based report designer, builder, and deployment engine made by Microsoft. This can be used to prepare and deliver various interactive and printed reports. With SQL reporting services combined with SQL Server, firms have a unified solution for both report design and data warehousing. SSRS can help you to create tabular, graphical and free-form reports from relational, multidimensional and XML based data sources. The reports can also be published and accessed on demand. SSRS also has a built in scheduling tool to perform basic report deployments via email, file share, or SharePoint.

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