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Streamline Your Business Needs with Data Analytics Solutions

Data analytics software can streamline your business intelligence tasks. Large organizations have a lot of data to process and analyze, and it can only be done with the help of effective tools and software applications.

With the right toolset, you can gather valuable insights from otherwise cryptic raw data. But without, you and your organization will be grasping at straws to find the right data in order to make the best decision.

This is why data analytics software has become such a critical tool for leaders across organizations of any size.Streamline Your Business Needs with Data Analytics Solutions

Benefits of Using Data Analytics Software

With the help of advanced data analytics software, you can connect to any data source and choose which data to process for your particular application. Data analytics initiatives can help you increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and energize customer service efforts. You can also look at data and respond more efficiently to emerging market trends in your industry which will help you get a competitive edge as well.

One way companies use data analytics to drive efficiency is to improve customer acquisition and retention. Coca-Cola uses data analytics to listen to their customers and understand the sentiment of their brand. 

Justin De Graaf, Director of Data Strategy and Precision Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company, explains why data is so important in an interview with the Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising:

Naturally, you guys have a lot of data coming through. What’s Coca-Cola’s approach when it comes to big data?

Big data needs to start small. It can be overwhelming for data scientists and executives. Our teams focus on key outcomes that we believe data will help deliver, and then we build a business case to support it. With endless problems that data can address, it's critical that we prioritize our resources toward the ones that drive the greatest consumer and business value. When our work focuses on those two priorities, it's hard not to have stronger results.

What Can Data Analytics Tools Do?

Data analytics is the process by which you can examine your data so that you can draw conclusions about the information they contain. Pretty much every organization employs data scientists and business analysts so that they can make better data-based decisions. With the help of advanced data analytics software, business analysts can be more productive and effective.

How Can IntelliFront BI Help?

IntelliFront BI is a ChristianSteven Software’s Business Intelligence tool that can help you consolidate all your dashboards, reports, and KPIs onto a single easy-to-use portal. It is a browser-based tool with which you can repurpose all your business intelligence assets and create a highly useful portal. IntelliFront BI enables you to merge all your reports (SSRS, Power BI, or Crystal Reports) in one place for your ease-of-use. You can also design and serve interactive, real-time reports and dashboards using IntelliFront BI that provide unique visuals.


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