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How to Increase Efficiency Through Dashboard Reporting Software

The ultimate goal of business intelligence software is to improve your business standing and, by extension, your profit margin. This involves using BI’s analytical software in two ways; outside the business to analyze customers, and also inside the business to look for inefficiencies. However, there’s one place traditional BI software doesn’t look for inefficiencies. Dashboard reporting software addresses inefficiencies within traditional BI software itself. With dashboards, your business can save time and manpower while enjoying superior results.|Increase Efficiency Using Dashboard Reporting Software | IntelliFront BI


Time is money, and wasting it on even a few extra steps detracts from your profit. Users may have to flip through various searches just to gather the day’s basic stats. This information changes rapidly, however. That means users who need exact numbers need to run the same process multiple times a day in order to collect basic information. KPIs keep the business world turning. This makes them more difficult to access than necessary, and simply unprofitable, if not costly.

Dashboard reporting software cuts down on unnecessary labor. This reporting does a lot of the legwork for you by bringing vital statistics, such as KPIs, to a single screen. Users don’t waste time repeating or waiting for searches. Moreover, navigation is easier with dashboards. Users simply select a process or customer and they have everything they need to complete their task.


While basic BI software requires a certain level of expertise to manage, intuitive dashboards allow far more users to understand and access critical tools. Dashboards are a common feature in a lot of programs, and they’re similar enough to basic home screen templates to promote intuitive use. Not every employee will become a master of BI software’s more detailed nuances, but dashboards can remove the burden of busy work from the true BI masters. If decision-makers don’t have to file a request every time they need KPI numbers, then IT and report teams are free for more advanced projects.


Increased efficiency brings monetary and developmental benefits. By transforming BI software into a new, more efficient design, you increase potential efficiency for your entire business. Dashboards cut down on time and manpower. Best of all, these resources are free for reinvestment in the company. Many of those resources go back into business intelligence, and one of BI’s key aims is improved efficiency. It’s like a wheel of improvements. With each turn, the improvements build upon each other. In order to get the wheel turning, however, you need to take the initiative and make your BI system more efficient.

If you’re looking to give your business the boost it needs by streamlining workflow, dashboard reporting software is essential. Because you always need access to more advanced features, dashboards make accessing those features easy. Dashboards also reduce unnecessary use of those advanced features. By giving more employees access to the information they need, you allow them to perform their jobs in a more timely manner. Sharing the burden of BI reporting gives valuable experts the time they need to really demonstrate their abilities. Dashboards, in short, make a vital tool even more powerful.

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