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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Schedule and Export Power BI Reports

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence service provided by Microsoft. With all its bells and whistles, Power BI makes the job of a business analyst a whole lot easier. There are many features of Power BI that make it a popular tool to be used by various data-driven organizations. From reports to dashboards to shareable content, Power BI gives you the muscle to make insightful decisions and march towards your financial goals with confidence.

Schedule and Export Power BI Reports

1. Export Your Reports

With all your wonderful Power BI reports, you also get the capability of exporting these reports to various formats such as Excel. Reports and dashboards provide a great visualization tool. However, some of your team members may want to get ahold of actual data, and an Excel file comes in handy in such scenarios. Analysts may want to do some post-processing using this data and would welcome an Excel file to work with.

2. Create Presentations

You can also export your Power BI reports into a PowerPoint presentation. This is a nice feature if you have to share the report during a business meeting or with your clients and vendors. When you export a report into a PowerPoint presentation, each page of the report gets exported into a PowerPoint slide. This export process creates a link in the slide deck which points to your Power BI report.

3. Create a PDF

Additionally, if you need to share a Power BI report with various recipients, you can export your Power BI report into PDF format. Each page in your Power BI report will be exported as a PDF page and will be easily readable. PDFs provide additional security since they are read-only and easily shareable.

4. Tools Make Scheduling Power BI Easier

You may want to automatically schedule Power BI reports, especially if you have a large recipient list. You can even repeat the process weekly or monthly depending on how often your data changes. A number of tools can help with the automation process. One such tool is PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler). PBRS is a highly intuitive ChristianSteven Software offering. Here's how it works:

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