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What Is Power BI? Your Burning Questions Answered

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service which provides interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards. You can use these tools for business analysis within the company. It is a great service which can enhance your data reporting and data-based decision making. Even non-technical business users can use power BI tools and services for analyzing, visualizing and sharing data.


Power BI is quickly gaining momentum in the business intelligence community as a cloud-based service that helps them efficiently represent their organizations’ data and share insights with the executives.

Intuitive Interface

Power BI's user interface is quite intuitive and enables users to visualize and analyze data more efficiently. You can slice and dice the data according to your specific needs. It also allows users to view their business data in various forms and therefore make better decisions. With power BI you can collaborate with your partners, create reports, and share these reports with the decision makers in your organization. Using power BI can bring more business insights into your organization and therefore also increase productivity and efficiency.

Great for Non-Tech Users

Power BI is among the most powerful tools available that can be easily used by the non-tech users. People with no database background can easily use power BI tools and services to make smarter and more informed decisions. Power BI reports can be generated in various formats and are flexible enough to accommodate various preferences.

Power BI lets you connect to all your data sources, whether it is a simple Excel spreadsheet or a collection of cloud-based data warehouses. Additionally, you can access power BI reports in various formats. Likewise, you can easily share these reports with employees and vendors.

Get Streamlined with PBRS

ChristianSteven’s PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler) is a reporting tool that saves time and money by making it easy to automate and deliver power BI reports. It lets you define single or packages of power BI reports and schedule them for an automatic run. Using PBRS, you can access and share your company reports in a number of standard formats including Excel, Word, PDF, and HTML. No other automation tool provides this huge array of frequencies that PBRS does for scheduling power BI reports.  

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