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The Most Important Features of Great Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software is on the rise. It is more accessible than ever before, and once big data permeated other business solutions, analytics became a must for even small businesses. So, what should users look for in this new software? We’ve listed the top three features below to help you identify the best primary and secondary BI solutions.

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How to Utilize Rapid Report Development

Crystal reports have helped revolutionize business intelligence, but there is plenty of room for improvement. The basic software is useful. It could be more efficient, however. As business intelligence software moves away from specialized skill sets and advanced training, it’s becoming part of the general employees’ work days. In order to maintain efficiency and promote advances, users need to learn how to utilize rapid report development. Tools like a Crystal Reports Distributor can help in several critical ways.

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How to Choose Between Business Intelligence Systems

Are you a business owner looking to implement business intelligence to help deal with your business’ data? When it comes to implementing business intelligence, one of the most important steps is to select a solution design that works best for your business. Businesses have to deal with mass amounts of data concerning their customers, prospects, internal business processes, suppliers, partners, and competitors. BI systems transform this jumble of data into an organized and efficient system. By utilizing organized data, you increase revenue, profitability, and business efficiency. However, business intelligence is not one-size-fits-all. Before making a decision, you must first have the knowledge to understand how to choose between business intelligence systems. It is important to recognize the differences between each of the options and how to determine which system is right for your business.  

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3 Ways Harnessing Business Intelligence Boosts Seasonal Businesses

Seasonal businesses face a lot of challenges that year-round businesses do not, and specialized business intelligence tools can make those obstacles easier to overcome. Business intelligence improves seasonal business owners’ ability to analyze customers in order to provide better service. The same tools can reveal opportunities for internal development and savings. You’re only limited by the questions you ask. Here are three ways harnessing Business Intelligence will boost your seasonal business.

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How to find Business Intelligence Solutions for Customer Service

In the past, analyzing customers to improve satisfaction and service was not terribly complex. In a digital free world, face-to-face transactions allowed business owners to get to know buyers in their places of business personally. This made it easy to identify algorithms in customer wants, needs, problems and purchasing trends. With complexity and competition in business rising at a relentless pace, it’s important to be able to analyze customers in greater detail with the least amount of manpower.

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