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Power BI Reporting: Data Management Is Better in the Cloud

Power BI Data Management, Christian Steven

The most recent data from Statista indicates that more than 60% of corporate data is now in the cloud. Unfortunately, many organizations migrated their data to the cloud, assuming existing data management practices would transfer. Businesses need to deploy cloud-specific data manageme …

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Power BI Reporting: Countering Emerging Workforce Issues and Changing Culture

The business world is rapidly changing to adapt new strategies for maintaining competitiveness and enhancing revenue streams. As the global community continues to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, organizational leaders strive to develop a foundation for their organizations to thr …

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Align Your Data Support With Your Business Vision

Leverage Data to Support Your Business Vision Economic uncertainty and volatility characterize the current global business environment. In good times, corporations scramble to meet demand and add capacity while standing out from the competition, and at the same time feeling particular …

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Measuring The Relevance of Your IT Spending Strategies

Power BI Reporting IT Spending Strategies

For many organizations, the question that keeps their executives up at night is deciding on their IT spending strategy for the next two years. Recent reports indicate that Microsoft is reducing staff in areas such as consulting and partner solutions while adding staff in other -- more …

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Power BI Reporting: A Virtuous Circle Creating A New Marketplace

Did you know that our brains are biased towards the negative? That negative orientation is probably why we are more familiar with a vicious cycle than a virtuous one. Yet, a virtuous circle also known as the snowball effect is a recurring cycle of events that reinforces itself through …

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