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The Best Business Intelligence Strategy for New Software Purchases

The right business intelligence strategy can help you pick the right software. The principles are relatively basic, but they give buyers powerful insights. Make sure to treat each purchase as you would any other business issue. Ask questions, gather information, and keep in mind evolving compliance standards and future expectations.

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How to Utilize a Business Intelligence Strategy

Business intelligence has become more than just a buzzword over the past few years. Without having real time insight into your business’ data, you run the risk of remaining reactive, missing out on strategic growth opportunities, losing your competitive edge, failing to take advantage of cost savings options and ensuring customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, while data analytics provide a solution, they are also in short supply. In response to this shortage, BI software is on the rise. Whether you are a rising business, starting from scratch, or just looking to migrate to a new business intelligence platform it’s important to set a your business strategy. Take a look at some simple ways to utilize a business intelligence strategy.

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Using Business Intelligence To Improve Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is one of the most elusive objectives facing the healthcare industry today.  While healthcare providers may understand the significance of a patient’s experience, a lot of them have not discovered how to effectively promote and drive patient engagement. Let's take a look at how Business Intelligence increases patient engagement. 


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