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ChristianSteven Software Business Intelligence Blog

Using Business Intelligence To Improve Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is one of the most elusive objectives facing the healthcare industry today.  While healthcare providers may understand the significance of a patient’s experience, a lot of them have not discovered how to effectively promote and drive patient engagement. Let's take a look at how Business Intelligence increases patient engagement. 


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5 Ways BI Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction In The Hotel Industry

Without a doubt, the pathway to success in the hotel industry is customer satisfaction. It is crucial that hotel owners and managers understand their customers and usher in innovations to their current service offerings. Using Business Intelligence (BI) to understand your customers is virtually guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction if the results are used effectively. Let's take a look at the 5 ways BI helps improve customer satisfaction in the hotel industry.

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Top 5 Ways To Develop a Successful BI Strategy

Developing a successful BI strategy is the first step in implementing an effective BI platform into your organization.  It is not as easy as simply choosing a BI software program and expecting great results.  On the other hand, with some planning, it is not difficult to find the right BI platform for your organization.

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Need A BI Solution? Top 3 Strategies To Get Your CFO On Board. Part 1 of 2

With the transformative impact of new technologies and big data, the need for seamless communication and a unified vision between you and your CFO has never been more critical. We believe the 3 most fundamental strategies to creating this invaluable alignment and, ultimately, securing funding for your BI strategy includes: Finding Common Ground, Doing Your Homework and Establishing Yourself As a Trusted Advisor. 

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How the BI Continuum Helps the CIO Address Operational Efficiency.         Part 3 of 3

From scheduled report delivery on the "IT Push" end to browser-based and mobile-enabled Dashboards on the "User Pull" end, the magic sauce is in our prorietary business process automation infrastructure that leverages business rules, workflows and instant notification capabilities built right into our solutions and Business Intelligence suite.

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