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Do You Use A Dynamic Tool to Schedule Crystal Reports?

Do you use a dynamic tool to schedule Crystal reports?  Crystal reports is an application that is used to process and produce reports from a wide range of data sources. With Crystal Reports Distribution software or CRD, the running and generation of crystal reports becomes less complicated and consumes less time. Thus, allowing  your company to save time and money.

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Crystal Reports Automation: How To Update Details For Multiple Reports

What happens when your database logins change for your reports? In many cases, database logins can change due to a change in responsibly, or it is mandated that credentials must change every 90 days. Though an important practice to maintain security, it can be a pain for those relying on Crystal Reports automation. If you have hundreds of Crystal Reports automation schedules, how on earth can you update all of these subscriptions with the latest credentials? If you are using CRD, it's easy! Take a look at this brief guide on updating database details for multiple reports:

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Crystal Report Bursting: How to Burst Crystal Reports by Email

Need to break up your Crystal Reports and send them to unique email addresses? Whether invoices need to be sent to customers, or sales reports need to be delivered sales people, there a couple of ways you can burst crystal reports by email. Though there are a number of Crystal Report bursting methods, three methods come to mind. If you are distributing these reports in PDF, you could use a PDF tool to break up your report after it has been run, and deliver unique PDFs to an email address. Another method is the bursting feature found in Crystal Reports schedulers. Finally there is the Data Driven publishing method.

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