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Auditing & Tracking for Crystal Reports Software: “Be in the Know”

Crystal Reports Automation

Crystal Report Software is critical to serving, publishing, and scheduling reports. For smaller firms, only a dozen or two reports need to be published at any given time. In larger firms, thousands of reports could be delivered every day or even every hour. With all of this informatio …

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The Benefits Of A Crystal Reports Scheduler

The Benefits of Crystal Reports Scheduler | CRD

A Crystal Reports Scheduler is a business intelligence application that is used to design and generate reports from a variety of data sources. Not only do crystal reports provide dynamic data analysis, but they also contain up to date information. Crystal Reports also enable automatio …

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Crystal Report Distribution: Be In The Driver's Seat

Crystal Report Distribution: Be In The Driver's Seat | CRD

The word ‘information’ may sound very official and serious, but actually it can have a fun element also! It is true, especially for an employee whose record sales figure reaches the entire organization at the same time. Welcome to the world of Crystal Report Distribution (CRD) where t …

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Crystal Reports Scheduling Can Deliver In The Healthcare Industry

Event Driven Crystal Reports Scheduling Software And The Healthcare Industry | CRD

Healthcare organizations are busy building their EMR systems, upgrading their infrastructure and improving existing processes. A Crystal Reports scheduling software can save time by automatically delivering vital reports such as Operating Room Schedules, distributing immunization repo …

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The Best Methods To Deliver SAP Crystal Reports Via Email

The Best Methods to Deliver a Crystal Report Email | CRD

Although there are many ways to deliver Crystal Reports, email is the most common way for SAP Crystal Reports writers to distribute reports to users. The sales team sales or lead reports in their inbox every day at 9AM, or the compliance staff receives their latest audit reports. Even …

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