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Optimize Customer Experience for Your Business Now

When Walker Info conducted a survey on purchasing habits, they found that 86% of customers rate the experience they had as the most important reason for choosing that company to make a purchase. With access to large pools of goods and services through technology, most purchases are no longer price-driven, but rather hinge on the experience that the consumer has while shopping. If a customer finds it difficult to access information, obtain pricing or shipping discrepancies, or cannot get the help they need when trying to make a purchase, they simply go elsewhere to find a similar product at a similar price with a more enjoyable experience.  

In order to optimize a customer's experience, it is critical to use data and analytics to create a product or service journey that is more responsive and personalized. Power BI Reporting offers solutions that help collect and distribute valuable customer data to help businesses improve these critical touchpoints.

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Q: Need A Report Scheduler for Power BI? A: Yes!

With an increasing demand on your existing workforce and the search for key talent getting tougher, there is always a risk of being unable to maintain peak performance levels. At least, that used to be the case before business owners and executives began to implement automated process accelerators like Power BI Report Scheduler (PBRS). By implementing dynamic solutions like PBRS, your entire workforce has the quality support they need and deserve.

Business intelligence is only useful in the right hands at the time when it’s needed. The last thing any organization needs is sales campaigns or marketing initiatives stymied by inaccurate and ill-timed reporting. Nothing will stop a plan of action in its tracks faster than inadequate or incomplete data reporting. It's like giving your big hitters toothpicks for swinging at fastballs. 

With the right data at the right time, every member of the team can know and confidently carry out their unique role, leading to the overall success of your business.

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Power BI Scheduler Updates: SMS Texts Gaining Traction for Business

It wasn't that long ago that the workforce was anchored to their workstations, tethered by the technology that was intended to speed up efficiency. Of course, hauling around a desktop computer (or even a laptop) was either impossible or highly impractical. These logistical challenges also limited the typical range of operations to either on the computer or on the road. 

Today's workers are only tethered to the signal area of wireless access points and cell towers. This makes tools such as Power BI Scheduler even more effective for delivering timely and relevant updates by using the short message service (SMS) texts as a major format for those powerful reports and analyses.

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Does Your Digital Capability Framework Include Power BI Scheduler?

As businesses look to the future, they need a plan to leverage their existing digital assets. Organizations need to perform a digital capability audit to determine where they are and where they need to be. Using tools such as Power BI Scheduler can ensure that the appropriate people are receiving vital information.

According to McKinsey, 2020 saw an accelerated deployment of digital technologies. The increased speed often left a hodge-podge of solutions that do not integrate well. Instead of operational improvements, companies found an infrastructure that did not support their drive to digital transformation.

No matter the industry, 2020 was about surviving, but 2021 should focus on thriving. Digital transformation no longer focuses on the customer to the detriment of the employee experience. It gives equal weight to customer and employee outcomes because happy employees make happy customers. And happy customers fuel business growth.

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The High Cost of Not Implementing PBRS for Power BI

Business intelligence (BI) transforms data into actionable insights into an organization's operation. It includes tools that make information easier to understand so that informed business decisions can be made quickly. A power BI reporting system (PBRS) is a BI tool that aggregates data from multiple sources and visually displays the information onto dashboards and reports. As with any technology purchase, businesses should look at the return on investment (ROI) on implementing PBRS.

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