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Unique Advantages of Excel Export Formatting for Crystal Reports

Crystal reports offer a unique and flexible solution to organize your business data. Today, many businesses collect massive amounts of data daily. In fact, some businesses collect so much data that it becomes difficult to organize and use. Thousands of dollars are eaten up each year in labor costs for IT and report developers. As the business world continues to advance through technology, business intelligence has developed new ways to organize data without the need for report developers. Crystal reports offer a flexible, customized way for your business to handle all your data in the most efficient way.

Unique Advantages of Excel Export Formatting for Crystal Reports | CRD


What are Crystal Reports 

Crystal reporting is a business intelligence tool, used mostly by small businesses, that is used to generate reports. This beneficial tool allows users to generate reports that include brilliant visualizations and implement new business requirements. Through crystal reports, businesses can save time and money and eliminate the need for IT and report developers. Crystal reports allow users to pull desired data from a data source and present it in a repeatable and organized way. This powerful, dynamic reporting solution provides your business with interactive and functional reports that can be seamlessly integrated into any user system.

Excel Export Formatting for Crystal Reports 

Formatting for Crystal Reports refers to attributes such as font style, text color, text alignment, and background color. When exporting a document to a different program, you often lose formatting and layout. One of the benefits of excel export formatting for crystal reports is that it allows you to maintain the look and feel of the page you created with the original report. Page-based formats tend to produce a more exact output. Excel export formatting follows a page-based format. These crystal reports transfer to excel in a format and layout that is most like the original crystal report created.

In excel export formatting, crystal report contents are converted into Excel cells on a page-by-page basis. The advantage to this is that multiple pages of content are exported to the same Excel worksheet. This eliminates the need to have multiple worksheets for your data. If a worksheet becomes full, the program will then create multiple sheets to accommodate the data. Another advantage to excel export formatting is that formula fields are displayed on the report. Excel export formatting allows you to take full advantage of the Excel file format.

Crystal reports exporters are a beneficial asset to small businesses. The excel export formatting that crystal reports support is beneficial to your business. Through this formatting option, you can convert your crystal reports to an Excel document that is more capable of interacting with many different user systems. Take advantage of Excel export formatting and bring interaction and functionality to your reporting solution.

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