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Why Business Intelligence In The Healthcare Industry Is Needed

The hospital system and healthcare industry are one of the fastest-growing in the entire country. In fact, healthcare spending all over the world is increasing. More governments are allocating large portions of their budget to it. Because of the sheer volume of expenses in this industry every single day, big data analytics and business intelligence are incredibly useful. Many hospitals, both private and state-owned, are implementing BI tools into their operations. The industry gains many benefits, including more effective management of healthcare spending and more. The applications are unlimited, as are the benefits. Here is a quick look at the perks of why Business Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry is needed and the applications of such a system today.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Veterans' Health

Until very recently, discussions about AI (artificial intelligence) were limited to science fiction and hopeful techs who were always on the verge of a discovery. Today, Artificial Intelligence is joining VA healthcare services. Whether or not we have true AI, the advanced analytics software developed for various industries is certainly more efficient than any human brain. While machines cannot think independently, the incredible amount of data involved in our daily lives has expanded their potential for analytics-based programming. This is being demonstrated through the VA’s new AI system.

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Top 3 Ways Big Data Helps Decrease The Cost Of Health Care

Electronic Health Records (EHR) have dramatically changed the healthcare industry.  Originally, they simply provided a reservoir and omnipresent access to patient data. Today, the information EHR provides is automatically analyzed in real-time to improve patient care. IT Big data is the substance of groundbreaking real-time systems analysis that helps to improve patient care and outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

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