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Crystal Report Scheduler: How To Present Info In A Crystal Clear Manner

A sound investment in the future is what will differentiate your company from the rest of the pack. Now, you can reinvent your business processes with self-service reporting crystal report software which will enable you to present information in a truly crystal clear manner. It will help you showcase all your data in an impressive manner.Crystal Report Scheduler: How To Present Info In A Crystal Clear Manner | CRD

Organizations aim at becoming seamless in order to have a smooth flow of information and data between various departments. One of the most important aspects of this union is linking the data of various departments to extract the most from it. This is where a Crystal Report Scheduler steps in. It allows you to link tables between various formats and generate a meaningful report.

A Crystal Report Scheduler is a self-service reporting tool that enables you to make sense of the vast data at your disposal. It helps you to automate crystal reports and run them automatically. CRD offers various exciting features, a few of which are listed below:

  • Event Based Schedules:
    • Enable you to generate real-time reports based on certain events. The reports are fired off on the happening of a certain event like receiving an email. The process helps you make your system more responsive.

Event Based Schedules | CRD

  • Dynamic Schedules:
    • Allow you to search your database for a unique value and deliver a report for each value.

Dynamic Schedules | CRD

  • Bursting Schedules:
    • Allow you to send reports to different groups and destinations on a rapid basis.

Bursting Schedule | CRD

With the above features, you can crystallize the data in a very useful form and make it relevant for the entire organization. Crystal reports distributor also enables you to make tailor made reports for various departments right from the top echelons to the line managers.

You can also share the crystal reports across various formats. You can email these reports or even send it across as print or fax, you can even get the output in various formats like work, or excel and present very clear and concise information about your business.

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