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Design Elements of A Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business intelligence dashboards can be incredibly useful for tracking goals and making decisions regarding your company targets. However, it is not always easy to design an excellent and functional dashboard. You can't just drop a few charts onto a dashboard and expect it to do wonders for your business. Proper dashboard design requires thought-through placement and intricate knowledge of your data.

Knowing Your Data

Design Elements of A Business Intelligence Dashboard

First and foremost, you should be familiar with the data you are working with. How will you go about collecting the data and how often? One of the most common mistakes business analysts make is choosing the wrong medium to display their data. You don't need to get overly fancy with the displays unless it is a custom requirement. Sometimes simple bars and graphs will do the job perfectly. Overly complicated graphics may confuse the users and may require more explanation.

Placement of Your Dashboard

When designing your business intelligence dashboard, you need to consider a few elements for placement. You start off with determining what you want in your dashboard. You can't display everything, so you need to focus on important metrics and KPIs that will help in decision-making. You don’t want to make the mistake of overloading the dashboard with too many metrics and data. It will complicate the design and dilute the messaging. After designing your business intelligence dashboard, you can test with a focus group for usability and decide if you want to make any tweaks based on their feedback.

How’s The Speed?

Another critical aspect of a business intelligence dashboard is the speed with which it loads your data. You need to keep that in mind while designing so that you don’t overload it and compromise the speed. It would be disastrous if you are trying to load your business intelligence dashboard in an all-hands meeting, and it takes several minutes to load.

Color Scheme

The color scheme of your business intelligence dashboard is also quite important. You can experiment with a few different palettes and also gather feedback from a focus group or beta testing before finalizing on your color scheme.

It would be wise to take your time in designing your dashboard so that it can serve the purpose for all your clientele and helps you make better business decisions. Choose software that fulfills all your needs and helps you build a purposeful dashboard.

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