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Power BI Reporting: A Virtuous Circle Creating A New Marketplace

Did you know that our brains are biased towards the negative? That negative orientation is probably why we are more familiar with a vicious cycle than a virtuous one. Yet, a virtuous circle also known as the snowball effect is a recurring cycle of events that reinforces itself through …

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Is Power BI Reporting Available Using SSE Protected Data from The Cloud?

More organizations are moving to distributed architectures for their computer networks. The traditional monolithic systems do not provide the flexibility, resiliency, and scalability that distributed computing offers. With the growing number of users, devices, and data that reside out …

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Power BI Reporting: What Is Data Literacy?

And why you need to know Literacy usually refers to the ability to read and write; however, literacy is really competence or knowledge in a specific area, such as data literacy. To be data literate, individuals need a skill set that includes reading, manipulating, communicating, and p …

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Power BI Reporting: Working with Decentralized Data Structures

Power BI Reporting

Gavin Wood coined the phrase Web3 in 2014 to refer to the next iteration of the internet. In his view, decentralized data secured with blockchain technology would lessen big tech's control over the data generated on the internet. Why should Facebook and Google make millions off consum …

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Power BI Scheduler: Data Centric Budget Considerations for 2022

Once upon a time, organizations created an annual plan that included budgeting and forecasting. Every quarter actual numbers were compared to plan and adjustments were made if needed. Stock prices rose and fell based on how well a company met its forecasts. Then, 2020 happened. Sudden …

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