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Power BI Reporting: Using Data to Measure Customer Success

Power BI Reporting Data for Customer Success

Customer journeys are part engagement and part experience. When a brand designs a promotion to engage its customers, how those customers respond defines the experience. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can help organizations quantify these experiences. Power BI Reportingcan evaluate …

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Power BI Reporting: Mining Customer Behavioral Data for Results

Using customer behavioral data for best results

The continued success of your business depends on whether you're able to adapt to your customers' wants, preferences, and expectations. And since you don't have a customer-centric Geiger Counter to use, you'll instead need to rely on mining customer data. Through the discovery of metr …

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Power BI Reporting: Data to Hedge the Impact of Inflation

Power BI Reporting Data to Hedge the Impact of Inflation

If you had to list the top few challenges your business is facing in 2023, regardless of your industry, you'd probably say inflation. The economy has been facing historic inflation in recent months, meaning business leaders like you have had to be creative about staying financially st …

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Power BI Reporting: Data Privacy Laws Protecting Consumers

Power BI Reporting, Data Privacy Laws Protecting Consumers

How's your business handling data privacy these days? If you're like most enterprises, keeping your data secure is a top priority. And for those companies that manage customer data, it's even more mission-critical. As you know, harnessing an effective and up-to-date strategy for data …

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Power BI Reporting: How Data Informs Product

Power BI Reporting, How Data Informs Your Product Development Workflow

Amp-Up Your Development Workflows In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, data plays a crucial role in informing and optimizing product development workflows. From gathering customer feedback to tracking performance metrics, data can provide valuable insights that …

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