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How To Transform Decision Making with Self-Service Reporting Tools

Business Intelligence software used to belong in the IT department, but not because the decision-makers all worked in IT. Before self-service reporting tools became available, IT did this work because they were the only ones with the training to operate it. New software, however, means new opportunities. Self-service reporting tools allow decision-makers to escape the stress of delegating sensitive work and give them the rapid access to data they need. Learn how you can transform decision making with self-service reporting tools. How To Transform Decision Making with Self-Service Reporting Tools | IntelliFront BI

Limits on Decision-Makers

Decision-makers typically face more responsibilities than they can shoulder alone. They come from top managerial positions, or they may be owners themselves. Each of these roles comes with extra work. In addition to overseeing labor, handling advanced customer care issues, and working on sensitive tasks, such as bookkeeping, they're also expected to move the business forward. It's a lot to ask from anyone, and without the proper tools, decision-makers can break under these demands. They certainly can't do their best work without help.

Even if the decision-makers in your business are all expert work-jugglers, traditional BI tools still restrict their abilities. The average piece of BI software does not make it easy for untrained users to run searches or analyze results. These programs need an expert eye and a skilled hand to master. That is why rudimentary BI tasks often fall to IT personnel. However, this isn't what the IT department is really for, so this division of labor benefits no one. Your IT team wastes valuable time and resources performing the legwork of someone else's task, and the decision-maker who requested a particular report has to sit and wait until the IT team has a chance to fulfill the request. Your decision-makers can't act quickly, and your IT department moves even more slowly.

How Self-Service Reporting Tools Help

Self-service reporting software relies on intuitive features and simple layouts. These give everyone access to the data they most need when they need it. IntelliFront BI is an excellent example of these programs. This specialized tool gives users access to KPIs, stored reports, and separate dashboards through a single portal. It offers both scheduled reports and on-demand reports, giving decision-makers the power to take control of all their regular BI needs. Communication isn't slowed by needless delegation.

With this kind of ready access, decision-makers are free to do their best work. When an urgent situation demands attention, they can react almost immediately. Their questions don't cause work for someone else, and they can create follow-up reports as they review the latest information. The entire process of decision-making becomes easier. More importantly, with access to self-service reporting products, decision-makers' work becomes more efficient.

Every right decision is based on extensive data. Since decision-makers no longer need to worry about delegating report work, they're free to work faster and find more data, all without slowing down other departments. Self-service reporting tools aren't just convenient; they're the way forward for decision-makers and the businesses they lead.

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