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Learning And Understanding The Different Types Of SSRS Subscriptions

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a very powerful Business Intelligence tool which can simplify your company’s business reporting needs. Customers deploy SSRS on their own premises for creating reports and then delivering them to the decision-makers in their organization. In scenarios where multiple users are using the SSRS reports with different needs, automation and subscriptions become a necessity.Learning And Understanding The Different Types Of SSRS Subscriptions | PBRS

SSRS Report Subscriptions

An SSRS subscription is a report snapshot generated on some pre-defined scheduled time and delivered to the recipient by the report server. SSRS allows you to create two types of subscriptions, i.e., standard subscriptions, and data-driven subscriptions. Having this kind of flexibility in SSRS subscriptions caters to all businesses and helps in their decision-making.

When to use Standard SSRS Subscriptions

Standard SSRS subscriptions are created and managed by individual users. A standard subscription consists of static values that you cannot change during subscription processing. Standard SSRS subscriptions produce one instance of a report. This report is then delivered to a single shared folder or to the e-mail addresses specified in the subscription. The report format and data do not vary. When the SSRS report uses parameters, a single value for each parameter is used to generate the report.

When to use Multi-value Parameters in SSRS Subscriptions

With Data-driven SSRS subscriptions, the system gathers information at run-time by querying a data source that provides values which are used to specify a recipient, report parameters, or application format. You can use data-driven SSRS subscriptions if you have a significantly large group of recipients or if you want a different report output for each recipient.

Allowing users to select multiple values from a parameter list is a great value-added feature in SSRS. The capability to enhance SSRS reporting with multi-value parameters provides users with more flexibility. Analysts can bring more efficiency into business intelligence reporting by not having to run a different report for different parameter values separately.

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