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Delivering SSRS Reports By Email Can Help You Simplify

In the Business Intelligence world, SQL Server Reporting Services, or SSRS, provide invaluable assistance. SSRS reports are being used by many companies to improve business efficiency and decision-making. For instance, Business Intelligence consultants often need to send SSRS reports by email on a scheduled basis. That’s where SSRS subscriptions come into the picture.

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The Best Reasons To Create Data-Driven Subscriptions in SSRS

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) are a very powerful Business Intelligence reporting tool which allows efficient automation for your company’s needs. You may already be familiar with a basic subscription to automate SSRS reports. However, there are also cases where you cannot feed static parameters into the subscription. A data-driven SSRS subscription becomes useful in cases where you don’t know the exact parameters to feed into the report.

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