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Turning Disparate Data Sources Into a Positive With PBRS for Power BI

Getting to the heart of the driving factors behind your business success isn't always simple or straightforward. Even if you were there from the start and the original moment of insight that eventually turned into a business, there will still be nuances about your product, the market, …

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Why the SQL Server Reporting Tool Bringing Business Intelligence

A SQL Server Reporting tool is a server-based report generating software made by Microsoft. It is a system used by many companies that must build custom data reports from different statistical sources. These could include SQL databases, among other external sources. The software allow …

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ChristianSteven Named Spring 2021 BI Software Top Performer

Oftentimes, business awards are created for marketing purposes; they can be great methods for establishing a growing reputation and catching the attention of prospects and colleagues, but when overdone their value can be greatly diminished. However, some awards do honestly and accurat …

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PBRS Delivers Power BI Reports (and Dashboards)

We live in a data-driven culture, and today's businesses need data to thrive and expand. Some members of your organization may require a more comprehensive way to view data than what PDF and email formats alone can offer. Automated BI Report Delivery is a convenient way for your team …

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Power BI Feature Updates Delivery Without The Need To Train Staff

Supporting your workforce with appropriate training programs can be a valuable investment, but only when that training increases the valuable skill sets (and, consequently, improves productivity) of individual workers. Training staff may be much less valuable (or actually costly) when …

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