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SSRS Enterprise Scheduling Functionality Comes to SQL Server Standard

Using SQL Server Standard? Tired of seeing everyone else using SQL Server Enterprise scheduling while you languish in a lower edition? Indeed SQL Server Enterprise scheduling brings handy features such as data-driven SSRS report scheduling and business process management that aren’t available in SQL Server Standard. However, there is a way to keep up with these features without upgrading your SQL Server edition. With SQL-RD, you can schedule SSRS reports, SSIS packages, and tackle other business processes such as updating database records.

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3 Ways SQL-RD Can Serve As An Advanced SSRS Report Manager

Not only is SQL-RD a handy tool for scheduling SQL Server Reports, it can be a great way to manage SSRS report subscriptions. Many SQL-RD users have enjoyed the ability to schedule SSRS reports with expanded options such as report encryption, additional formats, and more destinations such as Sharepoint & Dropbox. In addition to the advanced subscription distribution features SQL-RD has to offer, it can also act as an SSRS report manager. Let’s look at three ways SQL-RD can help SQL Server admins manage their SSRS subscriptions.

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Using SQL-RD to Schedule SSRS Reports to Email

Depending on your SQL Server edition, SSRS has some built-in scheduling functions that allow administrators to schedule SSRS reports to email. Many situations require reporting administrators to turn to SQL-RD, an “out of system” workflow tool for scheduling SSRS reports. In the past, I have discussed in great detail the reasons why administrators use SQL-RD to schedule reports, but now I will cover how administrators schedule SSRS reports to email.

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Merge SSRS Report Output With SQL-RD's Package Schedule

Imagine that the management team needs to receive 10 weekly status reports that include finances, inventory, sales etc. As usual, you have 10 subscriptions setup that deliver these reports. Everything is working just fine, then suddenly management decides that they no longer want to fuss with 10 different reports and 10 different emails. Instead, they want one document that encompasses all the weekly information they need. Great, now you have to write a whole new report, deploy it, and then set up the subscriptions all over again. Or do you? Using SQL-RD's Package Schedule, you can merge SSRS report output into a single PDF, text, or Excel file without the need to change the reports.

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5 Things You Need to Do Now to Keep Your BI Data Intelligent

Nowhere is the “garbage in garbage out” adage more fitting than in business intelligence. If, for example:

  • e-mail addresses are blank or incorrectly entered
  • phone numbers do not include the area code or country code, or
  • states are inconsistently abbreviated (e.g. Wisconsin is abbreviated “WI”, “Wis”, “Wisc”)

Regional BI reports will be incomplete and sales and service teams will be hard-pressed to follow up on new leads and issues. 

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