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Why You Should Automate Report Delivery in SQL Reporting Services

Unsure whether you should automate report delivery in SQL reporting services? You may be surprised at how important the benefits are. If you want to get the most out of your reporting services and transform your business through the power of business intelligence, then you need to get comfortable with automated reports. They are key to efficient BI implementation and reliable BI habits and skills.

Why You Should Automate Report Delivery in SQL Reporting Services | SQL-RD

Leave More Time for BI Implementation

Any form of business intelligence relies on the recipient to further analyze and implement the contents of the report. Without those additional steps, even the most advanced programs are entirely useless. However, the more time users spend trying to configure and run reports, the less time they have for the most critical part of any BI process. This part of the process involves using the actionable information provided by the system. If you automate SSRS report delivery, you eliminate the need for repeated labor. More importantly, you increase the amount of time available for real work with the resulting data. It’s a simple step with significant financial and developmental potential.

Rather than spending thirty minutes every day, week, or month setting up the same report over and over, you could use that time to organize regular meetings. Although SQL reporting services provide plenty of valuable insights, that data will reveal far more under multiple pairs of eyes. No one analyzes the same data sets exactly the same way, after all, and creative thinking is a key development tool. Working with coworkers to get the most out of your automated report is a far more productive use of your time than repeating the same task you performed yesterday.

Develop Regular Analysis Habits

Free time is pointless unless you have a productive way to use that time. Using BI effectively is all about developing regular habits. This gives you the knowledge you’ll need to successfully guide your business. After all, a single chart can only tell you what’s happening today. It won’t reveal the past, and it’s very inadvisable to make predictions based on a single data set. Seeing frequent reports regarding various issues and data sets gives you a broader view. As a result, you are better informed and able to decide if a loss is a temporary slip, an established trend, or a hidden opportunity. The only way to know this is to know how the same numbers performed previously.

To use BI, you need to know your business. This means examining regular reports. It’s easy to forget to run a report during a busy week, and that will hurt both your existing knowledge and your habits. If you automate report delivery in SQL reporting services, however, you can rest assured that a little distraction won’t compromise your BI analysis skills.

The best way to use BI is to use it regularly, and automating reports makes it easy to develop such habits. Whether you’re looking to expand or simply want to improve daily operations, automating your reports will make a big difference. Success through BI tools is all about how you use them.

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